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Reasons for Craigslist Posts Getting Rejected



There are many reasons why a Craigslist post may be rejected. Some posts may be flagged for distribution because they are spam, while others may not meet the specific guidelines set forth by Craigslist. To increase your chances of accepting your post, it is essential to understand why posts may get rejected and take steps to avoid them.

Reasons for Craigslist posts getting rejected.

Craigslist job posts can get rejected for a variety of reasons. Here are seven common causes:-

1) Improper formatting 

If a post does not adhere to the guidelines set by Craigslist, it is likely to be flagged and rejected. Posts must include a title, body copy with correct spelling/grammar & punctuation, and correctly formatted HTML.

2) Over-posting 

If a user posts too many of the same ads or posts them too frequently, it will likely be flagged as spam. This can happen even if the content is different in each post. This is why it’s important to space out posts and ensure that each has unique content.

3) Providing too much contact information 

Craigslist discourages users from providing excessive contact information, such as multiple phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, or other details. This can easily lead to a post being flagged and rejected.

4) Posting in the wrong category 

Posts must be placed in the appropriate category. If a post is submitted to the wrong section, it will likely be flagged and rejected. Posting in multiple categories can also lead to issues.

5) Not following the Terms of Use 

Craigslist has strict rules and guidelines that must be followed for a post to be accepted. Posts must not contain offensive language, illegal items, or content that violates laws or regulations. Any posts that do not meet these standards will be flagged and rejected.

6) Misleading or incorrect information 

Posts must be accurate and truthful to be accepted. Any posts containing false or fraudulent information will likely be flagged and rejected.

7) Poor-quality content 

If a post has poor grammar or spelling mistakes or lacks substance, it is unlikely to be accepted. Quality is essential, and users should ensure that their posts are well-written and contain interesting, relevant information.

8) Overselling 

If a post is too promotional or pushes the boundaries of what is allowed, it may be flagged and rejected. Posts should remain within the bounds of good taste and decency without being overly salesy.

9) Not following the rules for images

Images must follow the guidelines set by Craigslist, including not being too large or of low quality. If an image does not meet the requirements, it may be automatically flagged and rejected.

By avoiding these common mistakes, users can ensure that their posts are accepted and get seen by potential customers on Craigslist. Following Craigslist’s rules and regulations can help to improve a user’s visibility and increase their chances of success on the platform.


If you’re having trouble getting your Craigslist bulk job posts accepted, review the list of the most common reasons for rejection and try to fix any issues before submitting them again. Also, familiarize yourself with the guidelines for each category so that you can submit appropriate content in the future.

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