OFCCP Job Posting

OFCCP Compliance Job Posting

If you are a federal contractor and subcontractor, OFCCP mandates that your recruiting job posting and outreach comply with their requirements. Redwood Technology Solutions is the #1 choice of leading businesses for easy, effective and affordable OFCCP compliant manual job posting services.

Why OFCCP Job Posting?

Each state has its own unique career site, methods of accepting job postings and record keeping data requirements, so working with a one–stop job portal can be most effective. And relying on expertise in OFCCP compliance can take some of that burden off the shoulders of federal contractors so that they can concentrate on other affirmative action plans.


OFCCP Job Posting & Mandatory Compliance

OFCCP job listing requirements mandate that a contractor that has a contract over $100K (60-300) or 50K (60-250) must comply with mandatory job listing requirements. All jobs are to be distributed and made available to all qualified individuals, except for: (1) Executive positions (2) positions lasting 3 days or less (3) positions filled internally. To ensure that job listing requirements are met, job posting should be sent to a wide variety of locations, including OneStop centers, Veteran’s representatives, Community Based Organizations, Educational Institutions and departments of Vocational Rehabilitation.

We acquire 100 percent of your job content every night and automatically submit your jobs to the appropriate government workforce sites and agencies for approval and publication. Unlike any other compliance provider, we receive automatic, state-issued confirmation receipts to ensure your listings are live and published inside your registered workforce account.

Our unmatched tracking technology records all job listing content and activity, so you can easily pull reports in the event of an audit, and prove you’re meeting the proper regulations to the highest standards. This includes screenshots of every transaction (add / edit or delete) that takes place.

Redwood’s OFCCP Compliance gives employers and technology partners distinct advantages for OFCCP compliance. No other job service touting OFCCP benefits can say the same about their offerings.

OFCCP Compliance: small steps to success

This program will help your organization stay compliant with VEVRAA, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and Executive Order 11246. Trusted by hundreds of organizations, this service is specifically designed for federal contractors, subcontractors and organizations that must comply with the United States OFCCP regulations.

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