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Scams on Craigslist


Craigslist is an online classified website used for viewing and posting advertisements related to jobs, items wanted, items for sale, housing, services, and gigs. It is very similar to the traditional newspaper classifieds section.

Craigslist is a great place for businesses to find buyers and any services they need. But like any other sought-after website, Craigslist is also filled with scammers preying on unsuspecting vendors. You can avoid getting scammed by being careful when handling your potential customers and looking for red flags.

How to identify scammers

There are numerous red flags that can help you identify potential scammers. Some of these include:

  • They reply to your ad as soon as you post it.
  • They offer you a selling price more than your asking price.
  • Language issues indicate that the buyer is not from your locality or country.
  • They might offer you to pay through dubious payment sites.
  • The buyer may not inquire properly about the functionality, condition, or warranty of the item.
  • The buyer wants to make the purchase as soon as possible.
  • The buyer may refuse a face-to-face meeting.

Common Craigslist scams

Craigslist is a hotbed for numerous scams, like monetary scams, identity thefts, or criminal activities. Some of the common scams that can affect unsuspecting businesses include:

Real estate scams

It is extremely difficult to rent affordable office space, especially in large cities. This makes companies susceptible to real estate scams from criminals posing as “landlords.” In most cases, such scammers will disappear after collecting a hefty deposit amount. To avoid such scams, verify the information provided by the landlord, like their ID and phone number. Give them a deposit only after seeing the property and signing a contract. A legitimate landlord will also ask for information about the company and perform background checks.

Email scams

This is mostly done by Nigerian criminals. They will spam your company inbox asking to buy your product. After initial communication, they will show you a bogus receipt showing payment made by them through legitimate agencies like PayPal and request a refund, scamming you of your money. The main way of identifying such scammers is through their poor and broken language. Such scammers will also show a receipt where the paid amount is much greater than the selling price.

Fake-buying scams

These types of scams are happening on a large scale, targeting individual sellers and businesses. In most cases, the buyer will seem credible, and they will pay the company using methods like cashier’s checks, money orders, or fraudulent checks. The issue with checks is that fraud cannot be detected immediately. The bank will take a few days to process the check, and by then the fraudulent buyer will have escaped with the product. In some cases, the fake buyers will also produce fraudulent receipts, professing to have wired more than the price of the product.

This usually happens in cases when the buyer claims to be overseas. After the company wires back the extra charge, the buyer disappears.

Craigslist is an online jungle that should be navigated with caution to avoid scammers and loss of money. Companies can look for red flags and avoid such scammers.

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