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Posting A Job On Facebook – The Ultimate Guide

Hiring is a lengthy and tedious process. Job posting services offer great platforms to post current vacancies. Be it LinkedIn, Workable, or Indeed, the options available are many. However, another potential powerhouse of job multi-posting has come out to be Facebook.

With 1.09 billion active users on Facebook every day, it is a great platform to increase the visibility and reach of your company’s job postings. If you’re looking to hire via Facebook, you might want to keep a few things in mind while preparing the job description, however. Here is an ultimate guide to posting a job on Facebook.

Begin the text of the job posting with a question that most applicants will say ‘yes’ to

Manual job posting on Facebook is a lot like advertising for a brand. You are trying to convince people to perceive your company as a great workplace. Begin the text of the job posting with a question that most applicants will say ‘yes’ to. This makes your business more relatable to your audience, and your job posting would seem like the best opportunity for them to turn their career around.

Make the job posting engaging and attention-grabbing

There is a lot of content on Facebook. To make sure that yours stands apart, make sure it’s attention-grabbing. Add high-quality pictures, mention the pros of working at your company in short phrases, and highlight a few benefits, like a flexible work policy or company retreats to exotic locations.

You could also get a few employees together and create a high-definition video describing how working at your firm has helped them take their career forward. Make sure the videos and images you are posting are perfectly sized and sensitive to the browser they are opened on so that the job posting looks clear and concise whether viewed from a laptop or tablet.

Keep the entire application filling process native to Facebook

One of the most annoying things job seekers have mentioned about filling out job applications is that it takes you to multiple pages and portals to complete the application successfully. Make sure not to do that. This is not only inconvenient and time-draining for the applicant, but it also shows them that the processes at your company are not well-structured.

Make sure the applicant needn’t leave Facebook to complete the application process. One of the best ways to do this is by using the ‘Jobs’ section of your company’s business page to upload all job postings.

Remember to boost your job postings on Facebook

Simply posting a job on Facebook can do the trick. However, if you prefer to source out candidates from a huge pool of applicants, make sure to boost your job postings. This not only increases reach but also helps you target a specific audience. You can use targeting options or filters to focus on people from a specific location, of a certain education level, or their current workplaces via paid advertising on Facebook. Additionally, you might also want to ask your employees to post your active job postings amongst their network.

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