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OFCCP, or the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, is an integral component of the United States Labor Department. It is in charge of guaranteeing that employers or companies conducting business transactions with the U.S. government follow the rules and regulations regarding nondiscrimination. OFCCP ensures that employers are not discriminated against on the basis of color, religion, race, national origin, sex, sexuality, gender identity, disability, or position as a sheltered veteran.

The FAQs below will help people to have an understanding of various facets of OFCCP.

Who is a government contractor?

A government contractor is a business that submits bids to deliver supplies and services to the United States and is successfully given contracts. A business working directly with the federal government is a prime federal contractor. You are a subcontractor when hired by another federal contractor.

What is the difference between OFCCP and EEOC?

The EEOC is a federal agency responsible for protecting employees from discrimination in private businesses. The OFCCP is responsible for compliance among contractors and subcontractors working with the federal government.

What is the Contractor Portal?

It is a platform where contractors and subcontractors must verify their compliance with the OFCCP regulations for developing and maintaining annual AAPs.

Is it mandatory for contractors to perform a self-audit of their compensation system?

The contractors are expected to perform a self-audit of their employment processes to make sure that there are no ethnicity, race, or gender-based disparities.

Which contracts are exempt from the requirements of E. O. 13496?

The contracts exempt from the requirements of E. O. 13496 include:

  • contracts for work performed solely outside the United States
  • contracts resulting from solicitations issued before the effective date of the regulations
  • contracts involving purchases below the simplified acquisition threshold
  • subcontracts under $10,000, and
  • federal-sector collective bargaining agreements.

What are the reasons for revising OFCCP’s VEVRAA regulations?

The reasons for revising OFCCP’s VEVRAA regulations include:

  • The framework for vocalizing the responsibilities of contractors with respect to veterans has not changed since the formulation of VEVRAA in 1976. The outdated rules make it difficult for veterans to search, find, retain, and flourish in jobs.
  • Many veterans returning from tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other places face substantial difficulties in finding employment.

When are contractors and subcontractors needed to develop a written AAP, according to E. O. 11246?

The contractors and subcontractors having more than 50 employees are required to develop a written AAP within 120 days from the start of the contract if:

  • The contract or subcontract is $50,000 or more
  • They are a financial institution serving as the issuing and paying agent for savings notes and savings bonds throughout the United States
  • They serve as a depository of federal funds in any amount
  • They have government bills of lading which in any 12-month period total, or can reasonably be expected to total, $50,000 or more.

Is there any time limit for filing a complaint?

Complaints filed under VEVRAA must be filed within 300 days from the date of the supposed violation unless the time for filing is extended by OFCCP.

Complaints filed under E. O. 11246 must be filed within 180 days of the alleged violation unless the time limit is extended by the OFCCP.

Complaints filed under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 must be filed within 300 days from the date of the supposed violation unless the time for filing is extended by OFCCP.

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