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Manual Job Posting Services

The quality of a job posting can attract the right type of potential candidates or the wrong ones. To source qualified and relevant talent, this matters the most. The kind of manual job posting services used are of importance as well, so here are some tips to create a quality job description for manual job posting services.

Create relevant job titles with keywords
If you want your job posting to stand out, you must ensure that it does not get lost in organic searches. Job seekers will search for traditional job titles and nothing fancy. So if you are looking for a creative content writer, a job title like ‘good writer’ won’t cut it. Instead, some traditional keywords like ‘content writer’ or ‘copywriter’ will pop up on their search.
Keywords are therefore important to ensure your job posting is optimized for search engines.

Make it easy on the eyes
Make your job posting attractive. Make use of videos and keep your sentences short, crisp, and to the point. Use descriptive words that will attract job seekers, but ensure they aren’t hard to understand. Provide all the relevant details, like an appropriate description of the job, the skills required, and the benefits offered. Instead of long paragraphs, use bulleted points and lists.

Set clear expectations
Manual job posting services attract a variety of job seekers. To ensure you get the attention of only relevant aspirants, you must ensure you set clear expectations. In order to attract job seekers, companies tend to make the job description very exciting, leaving out the bits about the hard work or the long working hours the job may involve. So job seekers who think they can handle the easy job would apply too, making your working of sifting through applications even harder. Worse still, the hired candidate may be put off by all the work they’re supposed to carry out that wasn’t mentioned in the job description. So, set clear expectations no matter how tough they are right at the beginning.

Sell your brand
Finally, don’t be afraid to sell your company’s brand. Some of the most attractive job descriptions are those that include branding. If you are a well-established organization, you could share information on the rich traditions your company is built on.

A cultural fit is as important as having the right skills for a job, so don’t forget to talk about the organization’s culture. If you take pride in being a young organization made up of a team of young and enthusiastic employees, don’t hesitate to talk about it. You could even dive into the perks of working in an office filled with bright young minds, a free culture, and the highly-regarded company values.

Finally, make use of manual job posting services that have clearly defined methods in the manual job posting process to ensure you get the right type of candidates for the job. From accurate field mapping to quality checks to ensure every job description is perfectly positioned, manual job posting services will get you the right applicants for any vacancy.

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