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Key Ways to Encourage More Clicks on Your Craigslist Job Posting

Looking to onboard new talent with automated craigslist posting? High-volume and high-turnover industries, including hospitality, gig, warehouse, or driver industries, typically have high volume talent acquisition needs that are best met by Craigslist bulk job posting.

Why choose Craigslist for bulk job postings?

  • As one of the top 20 job sites in the US, Craigslist generates a revenue of more than $1 billion
  • Craigslist is considered to be one of the top sites to post jobs for quicker hiring.
  • Craigslist is the ideal source for hiring for gig, customer service roles, hospitality, food, and beverage roles with a 24 to 32 percent click conversion rate. Click conversion rate is the number of clicks on the job posting that resulted in job applications.

How to get more clicks on your Craigslist bulk job posting?

Create an engaging job description

A well-crafted job description could be the key to attracting more clicks. Here are some tips for writing an impactful job description:

  • Review your competitor’s job postings, job descriptions, and titles, as well as your compensation structure.
  • Describe your company culture, perks, and benefits (such as great location, comfort, flexible hours, fun activities) that you offer in a concise way. The ideal length of a job posting is anywhere from 300 to 700 words.
  • Create a strong job title
  • Describe what a typical day looks like at your office.
  • Structure the job posting by dividing the content into small paragraphs such as –
  • introduction,
  • pay range, perks, and benefits
  • a typical day at the office
  • roles and responsibilities
  • qualifications
  • closing lines on interview/selection process, and instructions on how to apply.

Use the right keywords

Keywords are the words job seekers are using to find jobs on Craigslist. Research the trending keywords for the job and use them in the title and the body of your job posting. The right keyword strategy will mean more people will find your job posting and click on it.

Decide which day to post

Understanding when candidates are likely to be active on Craigslist will help you know when to post. Typically, Wednesday and Saturday are the best times to post on Craigslist, but this can vary depending on the industry. One way to get more clicks on your Craigslist job posting is to post on days your job-seekers are not busy. For instance, if your job seekers work on weekends, it is better to schedule your Craigslist bulk job posting during the week.

Decide the time of posting

Craigslist is great for targeting local areas, which means you can place your post when people are more likely to be active online. Ideally, to get more clicks, publish Craigslist bulk job posting in the morning or early afternoon hours.

Add an attractive image

Include a high-quality image to encourage more views and clicks.

Leverage automated Craigslist posting services

Craigslist allows you to post three job postings within two days. Change the content of the ads slightly to take advantage of the three-job postings quota. This can also help you A/B test which job posting gets more clicks.

An easy and quick way to boost clicks on Craigslist job postings and speed up hiring is to hire an automated Craiglist posting services provider. Redwood Technology Services is a one-stop destination for Craigslist bulk job posting, automated Craigslist posting, and OFCCP compliance job posting services.

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