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How Craigslist can Help Online Stores Drive More Job Applications


Craigslist, since its inception in 1995, has emerged as one of the most popular classifieds websites. With a staggering 50 billion website visits each month, it offers a wide range of listings, including homes for rent, upcoming events, goods for sale, job openings, and consumer services. Due to the enormous number of traffic, this platform is a great site for posting vacant positions and looking for potential candidates.

The site’s extraordinary success is largely due to its capacity to draw both passive and active job seekers, which results in the delivery of extremely relevant prospective employees. The popularity of the website is also booming due to an increase in affinity toward the gig culture.

Lack of Word Limit

Having no character or word limitation while making the job posting is a great feature available in Craigslist that will ensure that the online stores get more job applications. In many cases, when the job description is too short and there is a lack of detailed information, several candidates may refrain from applying. This is due to miscommunications and the fear that they might be under qualified for the position being advertised.

When there is no word limit, the job poster can describe the requirements of the position in great detail, the qualification and certificates needed, and the expectations from the applicant. This will encourage more candidates to apply for the vacant position, thereby driving more job applications.

Forums are a Great Place to Meet People

Contrary to popular belief, Craigslist does indeed have a thriving community of users communicating through forums, posting around 200 million messages each month. These forums can be useful research tools for online stores looking to drive more job applications for their vacant positions. Store owners can utilize the information to develop candidate profiles or customize their job postings based on the feedback they receive from active forums. Designing job postings based on these will help businesses gain the attention of talented job applicants who fit their business needs.

Categories and Maps Make the Search Easier

Craigslist allows businesses to make postings in different categories depending on the industry. So, it becomes easier for potential candidates to search for jobs suiting their industry and qualifications. This can help online stores drive more relevant applications to them. Similarly, Craigslist also shows the location of the business or job poster while showing the job description. An advantage is that job applicants who may have misjudged the location of the business and restrained from applying due to perceived long distance from their location will also apply for the position. This will in effect drive more job applications to the positions vacant in your store.


Craigslist may not feel like a place for everyone at first, but this platform is a great place to look for employees for both small and big businesses. Companies have a good chance of getting the perfect part-time or full-time employee for their business using this convenient and inexpensive platform. If you are someone struggling with posting jobs on Craigslist, be sure to contact Redwood Technology Solutions without delay.

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